Why we don’t practice Dual Agency

We can’t fathom why anyone would want the real estate agent who is supposed to be looking out for their best interests also representing the other party in a real estate transaction. How in the world can your agent advocate for you and negotiate for your best interests when she is doing the same for the buyer? How can your agent support his fiduciary duty to you when he also owes the same duty to the seller?

Often, when we tell clients that we will never represent both sides of a real estate transaction, they are surprised to learn that such a thing exists. It is perfectly legal as long as it is disclosed to all parties, but dual agency benefits only the real estate agent who then stands to make more money by getting paid for each ‘side’ of the transaction, both buyer and seller.

Central Ohio real estate agents do this every day. Almost all of them. It leaves a bad taste in our mouth.

 Why we don’t steal your home equity

Speaking of the integrity and transparency that is the backbone of our business, why would any seller want to give away their hard earned home equity to their real estate agent? The agent’s job does NOT change with the price of your home so why would you pay them more for selling your $530,000 home than for selling your $349,000 home?

We’ve been selling homes for a long time, often quickly and often at, or close to, list price. At Delicious Real Estate, we know how to sell homes and we know how to do it right. We know more or less how many hours we will have wrapped up in selling your home — about 20 hours, 25 hours if things get complicated.  If you pay us $6,000 to sell your home, do it the Delicious Real Estate way which brings results and enables you to achieve your housing needs in a time frame that works for you, we make about $200/hour.  In Columbus, Ohio, that’s a great professional wage. We can feel good about that and you can feel good about keeping the rest of that 3% you would have paid another agent who would have gladly taken your money, put their sign in your yard and walked away.