Ready to Buy A Home in Columbus, Ohio?

Many satisfied clients say that the way we helped them understand the complicated and sometimes overwhelming home-buying process was the most appreciated aspect of their relationship with us. The internet makes available a wealth of information which can be truly empowering, but can also be confusing for home-buyers. The articles below will help you make sense of buying a home in Columbus, Ohio.

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Finding a ranch home for sale in Columbus and surrounding communities

Columbus area ranch homes sold over the last year.

  There was an article in the Dispatch today about the popularity/scarcity conundrum of ranch homes in Central Ohio. I haven’t experienced too many buyers with strong preferences toward ranch homes unless they are also looking at downsizing to a 1-floor condo. I love working in areas like Eastmoor or Berwick or Upper Arlington where […]

Buyers Benefit from New Student Loan Regulations


Buyers Benefit from New Student Loan Regulations Student Loan debt in the United States has reached $1.4 Trillion. It has become one of the primary roadblocks for buying a home for millions of Americans. For those not familiar with how this debt affects your ability to obtain a mortgage, allow me to demystify it a […]

Columbus Area Homes under $200,000 – Do they exist? Where?


Unbelievably, 48% of all homes actively listed in the MLS, as of this afternoon, are $200,000 or less. I find this remarkable. Very nearly half of the homes for sale in Central Ohio fall into what I would call an ‘affordable’ range. And yet, finding and purchasing a home, especially for a first time home […]

Columbus House Hunting – How Many Homes Will Be Coming on the Market?


I have buyer clients who are open to homes in Worthington, Clintonville, Olde Towne East, Bexley, Berwick and Eastmoor. We’ve been looking at homes here and there for probably just over a month or so and the perfect home hasn’t been on the market quite yet. It’s OK. Looking is immensely educational for buyers, especially when they’re […]