Bexley Homes for Sale / Sold – South Bexley – 2016 Bexley Real Estate Wrap-up

This 3 bed 1.5 bath home on Montrose in South Bexley sold for $285,250 in December after 4 days on the market.
This 3 bed 1.5 bath home on Montrose in South Bexley sold for $285,250 in December after 4 days on the market.

220 Bexley Homes sold in 2016, a 10% bump up from the previous year. Of those 220 homes, 65 (about 30%) were in South Bexley, meaning E Main Street to Livingston Avenue.

We will drop the most expensive home sold in South Bexley in 2016 – a 6 bed 3 bath 2588 sq ft home on Vernon I was surprised to see sell in 5 days last May – and the least expensive home, a 3 bed 2 bath 1300 sqft home on Livingston that sold for $120,000 after a total of 794 days on market (!), and the rest shared these features:

  • 99% median list to sale price ratio – this means in South Bexley in 2016, the median home sold, for 99% of the advertised price.
  • SEVEN days on market median (though an average of only 23, held up by a couple homes )
  • $261,170 average selling price
  • 1620 square foot home on average
  • $164.57 average Dollar/Square Foot sales price
  • 28 South Bexley homes sold in a FIVE days or less
  • 38 sold in nine days or less (about 58%)
  • $16,453,685 worth of Real Estate sold in South Bexley in 2016
  • South Bexley housing stock in 2016 consisted of 7 Ranches, 43 2-Story homes,  and 15 cape cods

About the same number of homes sold North and South of Astor.  Homes in the first two blocks south of Main sold in 14 days for an average of $280,000 while homes between Astor and Livingston sold in 23   days for an average of  $265,142.

Bexley Walkability

With the 2016 addition of Giant Eagle on Main Street in Bexley, the recent additions of Kittie’s Cakes and Gramercy Books, the freshly updated Drexel Theater and all the other existing destinations on East Main, South and Central Bexley walkability just keeps getting better and better.

If you are considering selling a Bexley home or Buying a home in Bexley and would like to sit down and discuss the market over coffee or a drink, call me at 614-940-9100. I love to listen to what people are thinking about regarding real estate and I love to talk about, and am keenly aware of, the Bexley market.


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